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Every year in September, we begin a new adventure with the Polish culture. At the Polish School, we not only learn the Polish language, but we reach into the past to find out who we really are - we are Poles.


Each year children from our School participate in many cultural and religious events at the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa.


We share our experiences with each other, we dance, we play, and we enjoy spending time together.


We are proud to be Polish - American!






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​        Our Staff

Joanna Mikoluk
Parent's Council President:
Aleksandra Sawicka
Chaplain: Fr. Karol Jarzabek
Treasurer: Sylwia Cunnigham

Karolina Zdanowska

Anna Dos


Eliza Stelmach

First grade

Elżbieta Morawska

Secnd Grade

Antonina Matyszczuk

Third Grade

Beata Bogdanowicz

Forth Grade
Agnieszka Szymula

Fifth Grade
Małgorzata Wysocka

Sixth Grade

Joanna Mikoluk

Seventh Grade
Wojciech Czaja

Eight Grade

Elżbieta Brundage

English speaking class

Izabela Strak

High School

Katarzyna Pienkowska


Adult's classes

Joanna Mikoluk


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